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What Are Blue Lotus Flower Benefits? Smoking, Tea And More

The blue lotus is a type of aquatic lily belonging to the Nymphaea branch. Blue lotus is known for cleansing the blood, promoting health, and making tobacco, tea, and more. Let's learn about blue lotus flower benefits through the article below.


What Is A Blue Lotus Flower?

blue lotus flower

The blue lotus, also known as Nymphaea caerulea (Nymphaeaceae), originates from the Nile River in Egypt. It is a water lily that flourishes around lakes and rivers.

It has vibrant blue petals and has been used in traditional medicine and religious ceremonies for centuries.

Throughout history, the blue lotus has been intertwined with health benefits such as enhancing well-being, promoting relaxation, and more. [1]

People continue to utilize blue lotus flower benefits by consuming it as tea or tincture, seeking relaxation and an elevated sense of spiritual awareness.

Is Blue Lotus Flower Legal?

Blue lotus is legal in the US. Fragrance stores can sell products extracted from blue lotus flowers but must also comply with several state regulations.

In a research investigation involving legally sold e-cigarettes in the United States, a variety of substances were examined.

These included eight essential oils, six extracts (resin), and four powders derived from eight different "herbs." The herbs were African Dream, areca nut, blue lotus, damiana, kra thum na, kra thum kok, klip dagga, and wild lettuce. [2]

It is important to note that its legality may vary globally, and there are restrictions in certain countries, such as Latvia, Poland, and Russia, where the use or sale of blue lotus flowers is prohibited.

Individuals should know and adhere to regulations governing blue lotus in their respective locations.

Blue Lotus Flower Benefits For Health

benefits of blue lotus flower

Supports Brain Health And Reduce Stress

This extract contains several alkaloids, including aporphine and nuciferine.

It is believed to include psychoactive alkaloid aporphine and nucifera, impacting emotional control in the brain, leading to increased excitement and reduced anxiety, stress.

In appropriate amounts, it may help patients integrate more into society. [3]


Blue lotus contains a range of secondary metabolites, such as anthocyanins, anthraquinones, fatty acids, flavonoids, leucoanthocyanins, phenols, coumarins, tannins, and triterpenoids.

These compounds exhibit various pharmacological activities, including analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. [4]

Slow Down Aging Improves Cardiovascular Health

Green lotus, owing to its abundant polyphenol content, is acknowledged as a natural reservoir of antioxidants.

These antioxidants have the potential to decelerate the aging process, enhance cardiovascular health, support robust cell growth, and contribute to overall well-being. [4]

Helps Sleep Better

The ethyl acetate fraction derived from N. caerulea flowers and nine isolated compounds has been identified as a potential natural remedy for addressing oxidative stress.

In contemporary contexts, blue lotus is predominantly utilized for its relaxing properties and its ability to promote better sleep. [4]

Antibacterial Agent

The potential to be included in toothpaste and other oral hygiene products is evident due to studies demonstrating that lotus leaf extract can combat bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum infections. [5]

How To Use The Blue Lotus Flower?

ways to use blue lotus flower

For Smoking

Some individuals choose to smoke or vape blue lotus, often in electronic cigarettes.

However, it's crucial to note that the use of electronic cigarettes may involve unregulated substances due to the current lack of comprehensive regulations in this domain.

Exercise caution when opting for this method of consumption.

Drinking Blue Lotus Flower Tea

Tea can be made by steeping dried blue lotus flowers, providing a soothing and aromatic beverage.

Blue Lotus Flower Oil

Extracted from blue lotus flowers, the essential oil is known for its calming scent, often used in aromatherapy.


The blue lotus flower is encapsulated in powder form, offering a convenient way to consume the blue lotus flower benefits.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Blue Lotus Flowers?

In moderation, blue lotus is generally considered safe for consumption.
At elevated doses, individuals may encounter hallucinations and euphoria when using blue lotus. [4]

In a case, five active-duty patients sought emergency medical attention due to altered mental states associated with the consumption of blue lotus products.

Among them, four had used vaping methods, while one had mixed a drink with alcohol. [4]

While this case series lacks confirmatory analytical data, it is believed that the observed effects may be attributed to two compounds, apomorphine and nuciferine, previously identified in these products. [4]

Helpful Tips To Buy And Store Blue Lotus Flower

When buying Blue Lotus Flower Tips:

  • Choose Trusted Suppliers: Pick suppliers with a reliable reputation to ensure the quality and authenticity of the flower.
  • Review Customer Feedback: Check customer reviews for insights into product quality and satisfaction levels.
  • Examine Packaging Details: Ensure transparent packaging with product info, including origin, cultivation methods, and additional ingredients.

For Storing Blue Lotus Flower Tips:

  • Cool, Dark Storage: Store dried flowers in a cool, dark location to avoid compromising quality.
  • Prevent Heat Exposure: Keep the storage area free from heat sources, as high temperatures impact potency and overall quality.


What Does Blue Lotus Do To Your Brain?

Green lotus contains the active ingredients aporphine alkaloid and nucifera, which affect the brain's emotional control. This helps the body reduce anxiety and stress. [4]

Is Blue Lotus Anti-Inflammatory?

blue lotus flower's other parts, including its seeds, leaves, and tubers, are abundant in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, lotus can alleviate conditions such as mouth sores, dryness, peeling skin, and acne.

Does A Blue Lotus Flower Make You Sleepy?

Blue lotus has been used as a sleep aid and anxiety reducer; however, it must be used in appropriate dosages. If used in high doses, there will be side effects. [6]

What Does The Lotus Flower Do To The Body?

Lotus flowers, including the blue lotus, are said to have many health benefits ranging from relaxation to strengthening the body. [4]


The blue lotus has been valued for centuries for its potential health benefits. It aids in reducing anxiety, stress and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. However, it would help if you considered the dosage when using it. Besides, there are many ways and forms to gain blue lotus flower benefits, it’s essential to choose the suitable one for individual needs.


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