Nutrition Expert Shawn Talbott

Overview Of Shawn Talbott

Shawn Talbott is a distinguished nutrition expert known for his innovative products and projects aimed at enhancing individuals' health and performance.

Notable projects include the award-winning documentary "Killer At Large," screened at the White House for Michelle Obama's "Let’s Move!" campaign, and his best-selling book, "The Secret of Vigor," featured on The Dr. Oz Show.

With degrees in Sports Medicine, Fitness Management, Exercise Science, Nutritional Biochemistry, and Entrepreneurship, Shawn is also recognized as an International Olympic Committee diplomate in sports nutrition.

He has served as a nutrition consultant for elite athletes and held academic positions, receiving accolades for his teaching.

Furthermore, Shawn's athletic achievements include competing nationally and internationally in rowing, cycling, and triathlon, earning him the title of "World's Fittest CEO."

Education Profile

Expert Shawn Talbott

Rutgers University

PhD, Nutritional BiochemistryPhD, Nutritional Biochemistry

University of Massachusetts AmherstUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst

MS, Exercise ScienceMS, Exercise Science

MIT Sloan School of Management

EMP (Entrepreneurial Master's Program), EntrepreneurshipEMP (Entrepreneurial Master's Program), Entrepreneurship

International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Diploma in Sports Nutrition, Sports NutritionDiploma in Sports Nutrition, Sports Nutrition

Marietta College

BA, Fitness ManagementBA, Fitness Management

Marietta CollegeMarietta College

BS, Sports MedicineBS, Sports Medicine

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



  • Chief Science Officer & Founding Executive at Amare Global
  • Author at various publishers
  • Chief Science Officer at LifeVantage Corporation
  • Chief Science Officer and Vice President - Innovation & Education at MonaVie
  • Chief Endurance Officer (CEO) at Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition

Social Profile

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Valuable research works

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Capelli, B., Talbott, S., Ding, L., & Capelli, F. (2021). Efficacy of astaxanthin from different sources: Reports on the suitability for human health and nutrition. ResearchGate; unknown. 

‌Talbott, S. (2019). Human Performance and Sports Applications of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia). ResearchGate; unknown. 

Talbott, S., Stephens, B., Talbott, J. A., & Oddou, M. P. (2018, April). Effect of Coordinated Probiotic/Prebiotic/Phytobiotic Supplementation on Microbiome Balance and ‌Psychological Mood State in Healthy Stressed Adults ResearchGate; unknown. 

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