Researcher Alexandre Maciuk

Alexandre Maciuk is an academic researcher affiliated with Université Paris-Saclay. With over 16 years of experience, his research spans various domains, including medicine and food science.


Alexandre Maciuk

  • Université Paris-Saclay: Maître de conférences
  • National Institute on Aging: Postdoc Visiting Fellow 


  • Faculté de Pharmacie, ULP Strasbourg: Doctor of Pharmacy in Pharmacognosie

Research Interests

  • Alexandre Maciuk's research interests encompass several areas, including
  • Application of natural products in Pharma and food
  • Drug discovery targeting Parkinson's disease and parasitic diseases such as malaria, leishmania, and trypanosomiasis
  • Hemp and cannabis, focusing on therapeutic, well-being, analytical aspects, regulation, chemical ecology, and agronomy
  • Development of analytical methods to detect bioactivity

Publications and Contributions

  • Alexandre Maciuk has an extensive publication record, with 230 publications, 47,005 reads, and 3,289 citations.
  • He has an h-index of 17 and has co-authored 37 publications, receiving a total of 925 citations.
  • Previous affiliations include the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne and the University of Paris-Sud.

Topics of Interest

  • Medicine, Food science, Population, European Commission, Food safety

Social Profiles And Scientific Profiles

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