Researcher Ayu Suzailiana Muhamad

Ayu Suzailiana Muhamad, PhD, is a university lecturer and researcher specializing in sport science and exercise physiology.

With a PhD from Loughborough University and a Master's degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Ayu is renowned for her expertise in respiratory health in athletes, the effects of vitamin D on immune function, and the impact of herbal supplements and probiotics on exercise performance.

Her work significantly advances our understanding of how exercise, nutrition, and supplementation affect athletic performance and overall well-being.


Ayu Suzailiana Muhamad

  • PhD in Sport Science, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
  • Master's in Sport Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Areas of Interest

  • Respiratory infection risk in athletes
  • Influence of vitamin D status on immune function
  • Herbal supplements in exercise and sports
  • Effects of probiotics supplementation on immune responses
  • Physical activity behavior among primary school children
  • Endurance exercise performance and physiological responses


  • 50 Publications
  • 615 Citations

Notable works include research on respiratory infection risk in athletes, the influence of vitamin D status on immune function, and the effects of herbal supplements and probiotics on exercise performance and immune responses.

Social Profiles And Scientific Profiles

With extensive experience as a university lecturer and a strong background in sport science research, Ayu Suzailiana Muhamad brings valuable insights into understanding the effects of exercise, nutrition, and supplementation on athletic performance and immune function.

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