Researcher Leticia Cabrera Bortoluzzi

Overview Of Researcher Leticia Cabrera Bortoluzzi

Researcher Leticia Cabrera Bortoluzzi is a distinguished researcher with a diverse academic background and significant expertise in the fields of biological engineering, food engineering, and environmental studies.

Researcher Leticia Cabrera Bortoluzzi's research interests encompass a wide range of topics including biological engineering, food engineering, and environmental preservation.

With her extensive academic background and hands-on research experience, she continues to make significant contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge and environmental conservation efforts.


University of León

Doctorate in Biological Engineering/Biosystems Engineering

Federal University of Technology - Paraná

Bachelor's degree in Food Engineering

Bragança Political Institute

Integrated Master's in Quality and Food Safety, Food Habits

    Work Experience 

    • Research Fellow 
    • Mountain Research Center (CIMO)
    • Research Assistant
    • FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation)
    • Worked at the Psychiatry Institute of the Hospital das Clínicas FMUSP.

    Social Profiles And Scientific Profiles

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    Sci Profiles 

      Valuable research works

      Bortoluzzi, L., Casal, S., Cruz, R., & Rodrigues, N. (2023, November 24). Influence of Interannual Climate Conditions on the Composition of Olive Oil from Centenarian Olive Trees. ResearchGate; MDPI.

      Macedo, S., Pereira, I., Bortoluzzi, L., & Fábio Henrique Poliseli-Scopel. (2021, August 23). COMPARAÇÃO DOS EFEITOS DA TECNOLOGIA ULTRAVIOLETA E TECNOLOGIA CONVENCIONAL EM ASPECTOS DE QUALIDADE DE... ResearchGate; unknown.

      Bortoluzzi, L., Pereira, I., Rita, A., & Lima, S. (2019, June 25). TRATAMENTO DE CASTANHA DE CAJU POR RADIAÇÃO UV-C DE LED PARA REDUÇÃO DE BOLORES. ResearchGate; unknown.

      Bortoluzzi, L., Pereira, I., Fábio Henrique Poliseli-Scopel, & Ferreira, R. (2020). Tratamento de castanha de caju por radiação UV-C de led para redução de bolores. ResearchGate; Brazilian Journal of Development. 

      Leitão, S., Cabrera, L., Larisa, L., Maysa Formigoni, Hernandez, R., Adriana Aparecida Droval, & Reitz, A. (2020). Medicinal effects of Peruvian maca (Lepidium meyenii): a review. Food & Function, 11(1), 83–92.

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