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Rajkumar Kothandaraman

Dr. Rajkumar Kothandaraman is a Professor specializing in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics at SRM Dental College in Ramapuram, Chennai. His research profile includes expertise in various areas of dentistry, and he has contributed to numerous publications:

  • Effect of Polydopamine on Bonding Characteristics: Dr. Kothandaraman investigated the bonding characteristics of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate to resin composite using polydopamine. This research sheds light on dental materials and their interactions.
  • Push Out Bond Strength of Glass Fibre Post: In collaboration with other researchers, he explored the bond strength of glass fiber posts to root dentin after pretreatment with proanthocyanidin and phytosphingosine. This study contributes to endodontic practices.
  • Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Analysis: Dr. Kothandaraman participated in a study analyzing dentin remineralization using eggshell-derived nanohydroxyapatite combined with phytosphingosine. This research aims to enhance dental treatments.
  • Classification of Restorative Dental Materials: He proposed a broad classification of dental restorative materials, making it easier for undergraduate students to understand the various materials used in dentistry.
  • Impact of Silver on Fluorophosphate Glasses: Dr. Kothandaraman explored the effect of silver oxide (Ag2O) on structural changes, apatite-forming ability, and bioactivity in fluorophosphate glass. This research has implications for dental implant materials.
  • Enhancing Bioactivity and Enamel Remineralization: His work on strontium-containing fluorophosphate glasses aimed to enhance bioactivity and enamel remineralization. Understanding these materials can improve dental treatments.


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