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Stephen W Leslie

Dr. Stephen W. Leslie is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at Creighton University in Nebraska. His research interests and expertise lie in the field of Urology.


Pelvic Floor Anatomy:

  • Dr. Leslie has delved into the unique anatomical location of the pelvic floor, where the balance of pressures (visceral, muscular, or liquid) plays a fundamental role in the physiological functioning of structures within the pelvis.

Foley Catheter Management:

  • His work includes research on preventing inappropriate self-extraction of Foley catheters, which are commonly used in urological procedures.

Renal Artery and Postobstructive Diuresis:

  • Dr. Leslie has contributed to studies related to the renal artery and postobstructive diuresis, both crucial aspects in urology.

Bladder and Ureteral Injuries:

  • He has reviewed modern diagnosis, management, and prognosis for bladder and ureteral injuries, emphasizing the importance of clinical suspicion and knowledge of operative anatomy.

Screening for Familial and Hereditary Prostate Cancer:

  • Dr. Leslie explored genetic markers and strategies for screening families at risk for prostate cancer, a malignancy with a high degree of genetic transmission.

Contributions to Medical Literature:

  • His research has been published in various scientific journals, contributing to the advancement of urological knowledge and patient care


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