Tongkat Ali And Boron

Tongkat Ali And Boron: Do They Work Together for Testosterone?

The search for natural testosterone boosters has led many to explore the synergistic potential of Tongkat Ali and Boron. These two elements have shown promise in supporting testosterone levels, but do they work together to provide an even more significant impact?

Let's look at the main differences, how Tongkat Ali and Boron work, compare their benefits and side effects, how to use them, and the key differences between them.


Tongkat Ali and Boron - Key Differences

comparing between tongkat ali and boron

The Origin of Tongkat Ali and Boron

Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia, is a herbal supplement from Southeast Asia renowned for its male virility-enhancing properties.

Originating from lush tropical forests in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, it has been traditionally used for centuries. It is believed to enhance male sexual health and boost testosterone production [1].

On the other hand, Boron does not originate from a specific region but is a naturally occurring element found in the Earth's crust, prevalent in various geographical locations.

It is a trace mineral found in nuts, grains, and fruits and is essential for multiple metabolic processes. Research suggests that boron can enhance the absorption of testosterone in the male body [2].

Population Comparison

Both Tongkat Ali and Boron have been utilized in traditional remedies and scientific research for male health support and testosterone enhancement.

Tongkat Ali is particularly popular in Southeast Asia due to its conventional usage. At the same time, Boron supplementation is common in Western countries.

However, Tongkat Ali is more popular due to a larger body of research and more clearly demonstrated efficacy. Boron, though less known, also offers proven health benefits [3].

Active Compounds of Tongkat Ali and Boron

Numerous active compounds contribute to supporting Tongkat Ali and Boron.

Tongkat Ali contains quassinoids, alkaloids, and other compounds contributing to its renowned testosterone-boosting effects [1]. While Boron is not a compound per se, it is crucial for the body's utilization of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D—all essential for optimal testosterone production [4].

The Benefits - Main Part Helps You Make The Decision

The benefits of these 2 supplements can not be denied. Based on research, the following benefits are:

Benefits of Tongkat Ali

  • Sexual Health: Tongkat Ali is often used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido, and male infertility. Some studies suggest it may aid in male infertility management and mood improvement [5].
  • Muscle Building and Physical Fitness: It is believed to improve physical stamina, enhance mood, and boost bone health. Tongkat Ali is marketed to athletes as a supplement to increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance [1].
  • Mental Well-being: Traditional remedy uses the fruit, bark, leaves, and roots of the shrub to manage various ailments, including stress [1].
  • Bone Health: Herbal supplementation is also believed to enhance bone health [1].

Benefits of Boron

  • Bone Density: Boron may help improve bone density [4].
  • Brain Function: It is beneficial for brain function [4].
  • Hormonal Balance: Boron helps maintain a good balance of sex hormones, estrogen, and testosterone [4].

Side Effects - Don’t Skip This Important Section

Tongkat Ali and Boron have minimal side effects and are generally safe for users.

Tongkat Ali: Common mild and rare side effects include:

  • Insomnia (difficulty sleeping)
  • Irritability
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort (diarrhea, nausea)
  • Other potential concerns with high doses of Tongkat Ali may increase the risk of DNA damage [6]. Tongkat Ali may affect some particular cases, such as blood sugar-lowering drugs, as it affects blood sugar levels.

Boron: Possible side effects of high doses include [8]:

  • Nausea
  • Skin rash
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite and indigestion

Dosage and Usage - Be Aware How To Use

Dosage and usage of Tongkat Ali

The Malaysian Ministry of Health recommends 50 mg to 100 mg of Tongkat Ali daily. However, according to some studies, Tongkat Ali is safe at 200mg to 400mg per day [1].

Usage: Available in capsule or powder form, typically divided into 1-2 daily doses.

Dosage and usage of Boron

The common daily usage of Boron ranges from 3-10 milligrams (based on studies). High doses of Boron can pose potential side effects, and the safe boron dosage for adults ranges from 18 to 20 milligrams [4].

Usage: Available in capsule or tablet form, typically taken once daily.

Popular Form - Giving You More Information

Tongkat Ali has various forms, including capsules, tablets, and powder. However, capsules are the most common form for their ease of use and storage.

Additionally, liquid extracts and dried roots of the plant are available.

Boron is often found in multivitamins or as standalone supplements in capsule or tablet form. Boron is also naturally found in many foods, such as grapes, apples, vegetables, legumes, etc.

Table Of Key Differences Between Tongkat Ali Vs Boron

Some factors to compare Tongkat Ali and Boron should be mentioned in the table below:


Tongkat Ali


Other Names

Eurycoma longifolia

Sodium borate, boron ascorbate, etc.


Testosterone, sexual health, muscle

Testosterone absorption, estrogen, bones, joints


Recommended: 200mg-600mg/day

Recommended: 3mg-10mg/day

Testosterone Impact




Supplement, extract

Supplement, natural food

The comparison table of Boron vs Tongkat Ali

What Should You Choose - Boron Vs Tongkat Ali?

choosing between tongkat ali vs boron

Both offer unique benefits. However, suppose you're seeking a natural testosterone-boosting supplement.

In that case, Tongkat Ali may be a better choice as it is more prevalent and supported by more research than Boron. Moreover, Tongkat Ali tends to be more affordable because it is widely available.

They can be alternated in cycles, meaning you can use one for a period and then switch to the other. This is done to prevent your body from becoming too accustomed to one supplement and maximize both benefits.

Can You Combine Boron and Tongkat Ali?

we can combine tongkat ali and boron

Although no studies have proven the safety and appropriate dosage for combining Boron and Tongkat Ali, Tongkat Ali supplementation can still absorb foods containing Boron, such as beans, oats, etc.

Combining Boron and Tongkat Ali may enhance the effectiveness of both supplements for men's health. However, it is also important to consult experts and adhere to dosage recommendations before using them together.


Tongkat Ali and Boron are natural supplements that have unique properties and are believed to support testosterone levels. Although there is limited research on their combined effects, studies on their impacts have shown promising results.

Therefore, those who want to boost their testosterone levels naturally should consider exploring the potential benefits of Tongkat Ali and Boron supplements.


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