Researcher Salmah Moosa

Salmah Moosa at Malaysian Nuclear Agency

Salmah Moosa has been actively involved in research at the Chemical Analysis Laboratory of the Agrotechnology and Biosciences Division within the Malaysian Nuclear Agency.

The focus of her work is to evaluate the potential of new commercial sources of chemicals from nature. She undertakes both fundamental and applied research to develop value-added products based on bio-active natural extracts.

Her research involves exploratory investigations into the isolation, biological testing, and identification of potentially useful natural products from Malaysian flora.

Education & Work Experience

Salmah Moosa researcher

National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau

  • Petaling Jaya


  • University Putera Malaysia
  • Master's Degree in Phytochemistry

Selected Publications

  • Production of flavonoid compounds in cell cultures of Ficus deltoidea as influenced by medium composition.
  • Detection of adulteration activities in edible bird's nest using untargeted 1H-NMR metabolomics with chemometrics
  • Growth and mineral content of Mokara chark kuan pink orchid as affected by allelopathic Lantana camara weed
  • Synthesis of silver nanoparticles in kaolinite and their antibacterial behavior

Social Profiles

Through her extensive research contributions, Salmah Moosa has significantly contributed to advancing our understanding of natural product chemistry and its applications in various industries, particularly in the evaluation and utilization of natural resources for commercial purposes.

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