Tongkat Ali bodybuilding

Tongkat Ali Benefits for Bodybuilding? Does It Help Build Muscle?

Tongkat Ali has gained attention as a potential benefits for enhancing muscle growth, with many fitness enthusiasts exploring various supplements.

The popularity of Tongkat Ali is further fueled by its use among bodybuilders and athletes.

This exploration aims to answer the question: "Does Tongkat Ali Benefit Bodybuilding and Muscle Growth?"

This article will not only examine Tongkat Ali bodybuilding benefits but also explore the optimal dosage for maximizing muscle growth.


Key Takeaways

  • Some studies acknowledge Tongkat Ali benefits for bodybuilding and muscle growth due to its ability to increase testosterone levels.
  • It typically takes about 5 to 8 weeks, even a few months, to observe the effects of Tongkat Ali on bodybuilding.
  • The optimal dosage of Tongkat Ali for enhancing muscle mass and improving physique is 50 - 500 mg/day.

What Are the Benefits of Tongkat Ali for Bodybuilding?

Tongkat Ali is a plant that has long been used in traditional medicine but has recently garnered attention from athletes and bodybuilders for its potential to improve performance.

Though there is limited research, it has potential benefits for muscle growth and strength, bodybuilding that many bodybuilders reported.

Some potential benefits that Tongkat Ali provides during fitness training include:

  • Increased natural testosterone levels
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Fat burning
  • Accelerated muscle recovery and regeneration
  • Stress reduction

So, how does Tongkat Ali help with bodybuilding? In the next part, we give you what science talks about Tongkat ali muscle growth and bodybuilding benefits through scientific studies.

How Does Tongkat Ali Help With Bodybuilding and Muscle Strength?

One of the notable studies on the Tongkat Ali bodybuilding benefits is the research conducted by Shawn M. Talbott on the Human Performance and Sports Applications of Tongkat Ali.

The study concluded that Tongkat Ali offers numerous benefits, most prominently the increase in testosterone levels, which is especially advantageous for middle-aged individuals experiencing signs of aging and declining testosterone [1].

This rise in testosterone helps balance hormones, enhancing both sports performance and weight loss, promoting muscle growth, and reducing body fat – all of which bodybuilders and athletes commonly aim for [1].

By elevating free testosterone levels and reducing SHBG levels, Tongkat Ali has the potential to enhance physical fitness and muscle mass [1].

Another study by Shawn M. Talbott focused on Tongkat Ali's effects on stress hormones.

It referenced research involving young men undergoing a weight training regimen, where Tongkat Ali supplementation significantly improved lean body mass, 1-RM strength, and arm circumference [2].

Using Tongkat Ali can help maintain a healthy cortisol/testosterone ratio, aiding athletes and bodybuilders in faster recovery and improved well-being after daily training sessions.

Though limited, these studies collectively provide evidence of Tongkat Ali muscle growth and bodybuilding benefits.

Furthermore, its widespread use among bodybuilders and athletes further underscores its positive impact on muscle gain, fat reduction, and overall physique enhancement.

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The efficacy of raising testosterone yields a range of associated benefits, including enhanced workout performance, support for recovery, fat reduction, and muscle mass gain, particularly notable in males.

Therefore, its fundamental mechanism originates from the impact on testosterone.

Furthermore, additional advantages such as stress reduction, hormone balance, and improved bone health also indirectly contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of bodybuilding.

How Long Before Tongkat Ali Starts to Improve Bodybuilding and Muscle Strength?

There needs to be more research on how long Tongkat Ali bodybuilding benefits or muscle strength takes to work for.

Studies have been conducted over a variety of periods, including trials lasting from 2-4 weeks and studies lasting up to several months. Most studies mention the effect of increasing testosterone but do not mention bodybuilding much.

A study titled "Tongkat Ali as a potential herbal supplement for physically active male and female seniors--a pilot study" conducted over 5 weeks found that testosterone and muscle strength also increased [4].

(1) Another study tested on healthy adult males with an average age of 25 over 8 weeks in combination with a training program showed significant improvements in fat-free mass, maximal strength (1 RM), and arm circumference.

Therefore, if combined with regular and proper exercise, using Tongkat Ali can create positive improvements in bodybuilding after 5-8 weeks. Some also believe that the results improve significantly after 6 months.

Recommended Dosage for Bodybuilding

Tongkat Ali bodybuilding

Most studies recommend taking Tongkat Ali at 50-200 mg/day to increase testosterone levels in healthy adults.

A study on the level of testosterone increase in middle-aged and older people (52-72 years old) when taking Tongkat Ali found an improvement after 5 weeks at a 400 mg/day dosage.

So, is there a difference between normal dosage and bodybuilders dosage?

A study on the effects of Tongkat Ali on dieters and athletes [1] found that a dosage of only 50-100 mg/day can also show improvements in body fat percentage and body shape.

In fact, both athletes and bodybuilders should follow the recommended dosage. As the trial in the study [1] mentioned, even at only 50-100 mg/day, it still showed improvement.

It is important for users to take within the recommended range of 50-500 mg/day and to combine exercise with the supplement for the best and fastest results.

What Are the Other Benefits of Tongkat Ali?

Beyond its popular use in bodybuilding and muscle strengthening, Tongkat Ali is lauded for many other benefits.

The root is hailed for its potential as an adaptogen, helping the body resist the effects of stress.

Some studies suggest Tongkat Ali may foster sexual health by enhancing men's and women's libido and fertility. The supplement is believed to increase sperm count, motility, and quality, potentially aiding those struggling with fertility issues [5].

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Tongkat Ali is also noted for its potential anti-aging benefits due to its antioxidant properties.

These antioxidants fight against cellular damage caused by free radicals, thereby slowing down aging processes [1].

Lastly, preliminary evidence suggests that Tongkat Ali might have anti-cancer properties [6],[7]. However, this area needs further research to substantiate these claims.

Overall, Tongkat Ali provides a wide range of health benefits, making it a versatile supplement to consider.


Is It Advisable to Consume Tongkat Ali Prior to Hitting The Gym?

It can be beneficial to consume Tongkat Ali before a workout. It may enhance your energy levels and endurance, leading to a more effective and productive gym session.

Does Tongkat Ali Enhance Testosterone Levels or Simply Restore Them?

Tongkat Ali is renowned for its ability to naturally enhance testosterone levels. It supports the body's innate production of testosterone, resulting in elevated levels and improved overall vitality.

Can Tongkat Ali Help With Improving Muscle Recovery?

Tongkat Ali can aid in improving muscle recovery. It can accelerate the repair of muscle tissue damaged during intense workouts, promoting faster recovery and reducing downtime between training sessions.


Ultimately, Tongkat Ali is a natural supplement with the potential to provide numerous benefits for bodybuilding and muscle strengthening.

By boosting testosterone levels, Tongkat Ali can aid in muscle growth and enhance performance in physical activities.

While research on Tongkat Ali bodybuilding effects is still ongoing, it shows promise as an effective dietary supplement that can benefit athletes and bodybuilders alike.


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